iDitty enhances the Visitor and Guest experience at Attractions and Destinations!

Use iDitty at Theme Parks, Zoo's, Hotels, Casinos and many other destinations


MAJiiK enhances Visitor and Guest experiences at Theme Parks, Museums
Theaters, Casinos, Zoos, Hotels, Attractions and more!


MAJiiK combines its physical Interactive Collectible Souvenir card and Interactive Ticket with its revolutionary ecosystem to enable digital content delivery and communication to your Users (visitors, donors, supporters or members) in a way like never before possible.

Augmented Reality. Tell your story and deliver an interactive experience in style.

Animation, audio, video, pics, books, coupons, links and more.

Proximity Messaging. Engagement on the move!

Make your entire environment, building or park a selling network.

It's easy! Let MAJiiK do the work.

From their computer, tablet, mobile device or smart phone, Users simply text the keyword on the back of the card to activate their MAJiiK account and access the digital content you make available – audio, video, pictures, books, coupons, web links, music and much more.  Then you stay in touch with Users through MAJiiK’s Perk Alert targeted messaging system.  You can send new or updated content at any time including coupons, invitations, news or any other digital content you desire – you can even sell additional merchandise through MAJiiK to enhance your revenue.

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